Mementos from my teen years:

This is me as a teenage basketball warrior. Interestingly, my nephew Zack
submitted this picture to his high school year book last year as his senior
picture. No one questioned it, even though he never played basketball.

This is a shot of my high school band. We played all the time. Every dance
from 8th grade on. The audience was usually in an altered state and would
listen, vaguely dancing even, to forty minute versions of songs like 'Feelin'
Alright' or 'Dark Star' or whatever we felt like playing. The players are, l to r:
Timmy Hillman, farfisa and Rhodes; Gary Anthony, drums; myself on my
indefatigable Gibson SG; Jim Simpson, bass. I think this one is from my
senior year. Location is the Sandwich High music room.